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Hyper Bowling is the revolutionary new bowling-based attraction that is built with an amazing blend of software, mechanical design, electronics, lights and sensors – which together deliver a never before seen experience that takes bowling to the next level. And it’s something everyone can get in on with lots of different ways to play and win! COMING SOON TO GIBBY'S!

The lights on the bumpers create moving targets that players aim to hit (or avoid). There are multiple games, each with its own unique set of challenges and levels that are easy to learn. You must hit the bumper to score! The colorful targets on the bumpers are each worth a different multiplier value (2X, 3X,…) and each pin knocked down is worth 100 points. So, a 2X multiplier and 8 pins down scores 1,600 points! But watch out, the red target always results in a 0 score.

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All Videos

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